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Online Shop

Soul to soul paintings is what Fleuressence is offering with her work, like an energetic food for the human being. Although her paintings are inspired by her vision of reality, which is tinted by spirituality, they are universal and timeless. Fleuressence's paintings are for everyone and they will reward those who will take the time to look at them on a regular basis, exploring every one of their intricate details. The good thing about abstract art is that it will evolve with you.


The variety of small scale paintings available in this online shop gives you the opportunity to own an original artwork regardless of your budget and your space on your walls.

Are you looking to create a focal point in a room? Become creative and make your own composition of small paintings for a playful and fascinating effect. Once you need something new, simply change the order or the shape of the display. And if you don't feel comfortable creating your own composition, we can help you with that. If by chance you live in a radius of 100km, we can even come to install it for you, no additional charge.

Books to make you grow. You can choose between Florence Berthold's (Fleuressence's) picture books, filled with beauty and landscapes from another dimension, or her mother's books, Josette Juillerat, which are only available through our shop. Josette Juillerat's work is practical and invites you to grow with the use of mandalas. Her book "J'ose être Dieu" was all hand drawn and is absolutely breath taking. (Please note that Juillerat's works are only available in French)


Items with powerful look! Why not surround yourself with colours in your everyday? It is now possible with Fleuressence's prints on a variety of everyday items. You could wear those amazing pictures, which will grant you with energy and compliments! Also available: clock, pillow, bags, electronic devices cases and skins, stationary, and so on.

The books and the paintings are great tools for visual meditation and the growth of your abstract mind. The products with Fleuressence's print will encourage people around you to practice contemplation!

"Placed at the entrance of our home, we can enjoy your happy colours each time we come in or leave the house."

Sheree P.

New Zealand

"I like the way the smooth surfaces reflect light and the way the colour intensity changes with the changes in light."

Neville H.

New Zealand

"The paintings are magnicifient!!"

Marie Rose H.


"Great work! Love it! I like the colours, the space and the transcendant meaning of your art!" 

Cristina G.

New Zealand

"Thank you again for the beautiful butterflies that enlighten our appartment!"

Lucie L.

BC, Canada

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