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Do you have sometimes the feeling that if you accept a situation that annoys you; it means that you are weak, not in control and that people take advantage of yourself? Ok, but is the opposition worth it? Is there a way to look at the situation to make it agreeable?

To start, I would like to share a belief that I have been carrying for decades. I think that our life purpose is to evolve, that our lives are constructs of what we could overcome and that we would never have to face something that is insuperable to us. This doesn’t mean that we will avoid physical death and pain, but the way things happen don’t have to be difficult and complex.

Maybe we don’t have control on what happen around us, but we do have control on how we react. Feelings of fear, anger or sadness don’t have to limit us. It is normal to feel that type of emotions, to feel the need to cry or the will to react to a situation. Just, don’t stay stuck into it. Tears and screams attract attention, but human existence is not a competition to who suffered the most. There is no heaven or medals to collect for martyrs. However, we could learn to find inner peace to pass through chaotic times.

The acceptance of a situation could be a way to let go. We take the time to assess what is happening in our inner self. Can we understand why we feel overwhelmed? Do we have to keep what is hurting us? Why not put what is not serving us in an imaginary bag and throw it away? Why not tell the story of our personal improvement rather than what we have lost?

To accept is to take back control, to imagine us facing something while knowing that we don’t have the strength yet to do it, but that this strength will build up as we progress. There is no defeat. Each struggle carries the potential to bring us closer to achievement, to a better version of us.

To accept is to trust that underneath our challenges, light is always present, even if we cannot see it.

Let’s be clear here. I’m not telling you to bear unnecessary situations. Have respect for yourself and for others. Find that space where your integrity and that of others are preserved. Be free of abuses and manipulations. Take care of your inner child. Learn from your mistakes so you don’t need to repeat them again.

To accept is to be responsible of your own life progression, while letting universal magic happening all around.

Sometimes, acceptance means to acknowledge our own limits. Maybe you are not quite where you would like to be; not quite the person you are trying to become. You are in transition towards that. If you think about who you were in the past, you can surely acknowledge improvements. Time and experience taught you lessons. You earned wisdom. Each day brings you closer to your goal. And if this goal is not realistic, then, it is not too late to modify it, while taking into account your strengths and weaknesses.

As we live among other human beings, we search social acceptance. Isn’t nice to be like others, to feel understood? Sure, but we still have the right to think differently from others. Our ideas and thoughts don’t need to be accepted by all, only to be in agreement with who we fundamentally are. Then, the real question is to know who we fundamentally are. In this journey to discover our inner self, I invite you to meditate, using or not the picture below as a starting point.

Light and Peace


Featured painting of the week - Meditation Tool 400-060617

This original painting might look a bit dark from afar, but it is a little jewel from a closer point of view. Like a cosmic picture, flowers of light dance in the middle of black space. This scenery reminds us that from wherever we have started our journey, slowly, we transform the dark side of us into light. This painting illustrates the duality of our human experience, which consists in animate our dense physical body with the particles of light that we fundamentally are, in order to enlighten matter and create another type of experience.

This meditation tool measures 400mm X 400mm and holds many clusters of gold pigments, which create another dimension when viewed from an angle.

Meditation Tool 400-060617 is a unique painting that you can purchase here ici.

Link to the online shop:

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