Beyond the veil

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Hello everyone,

This week, the meditation picture invites you to look or imagine what is beyond what is masked or veiled. You’ll find below the poem that this picture inspired me to write. What do you see? What can you imagine? You are more than welcome to share your thoughts or inspirations on this blog post or on my Facebook page!

The eyes fail to focus on this mass that is both translucent and fuzzy.

What is there beyond the veil, beyond the separation between our reality and the next?

Ethereal layer almost dense

Or physical matter divided into tiny particles in suspension.

I can’t see further than the tip of my nose.

Is the veil protecting our dimension or the other?

Are we ready to see what is past our vision?

Is our vision what creates the veil?

Maybe we cross cosmic shores from one side to the other without even realizing it,

A bit like when we leave our body during sleep to visit the astral and its mirages.

We choose our reality once we open our eyes.

And we open our eyes several times

Like the rose unfolds all petals

In a tight spiral that always extends a little further into space.

An experience that is always subtler than the previous one.

Where is the veil?

Is it really before our tired eyes fixing the unknown?

Is it inside our mind, like a kind of invisible, impassable wall?

Is it in our values, our emotions?

Behind the veil, the unknown

Small particles of matter ready to meet

The material of creation

All the possibilities and their opposites

Maybe just the glass of a mirror

The emergence of a reflection

Our own image reversed.

I hope either the poem or the picture inspired you to think further what you know

Have a great week!

Light and Love


The VIBRALTA series is here!

Following the Meditation Tool March sale, as I was telling you that some works in this series would go through some transformations, here are the first rebirths of the series! I chose to name them VIBRALTA. Like the Meditation Tools Series, these paintings will allow you to practice a form of meditation where you focus on the present moment. Plus, they have something playful and vibrant that catches the eye and gives character to your decor. Stay tuned for additions to the series in the upcoming months!

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