Climbing the fractal

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Hello everyone!

This week, I have selected a meditation/visualization picture that brings me back to an idea that I have always found fascinating: the repetition of the greatest in the smallest, as the whole, the initial point divides itself to reach levels of existence that are more and more specific. I invite you to embody each and all of these divided levels until you reach back the initial source.

Although, don’t be limited by my interpretation. What do you see in this picture? You are most welcome to share it in the comments of this blog post or on my Facebook Page. This picture can also be a start for meditation. You’ll find below the text, a link to the video, if you prefer the experience of listening to my version narration while looking at the picture.

As often as possible, I raise my awareness by acknowledging my association with everything. Like the highest part of the iceberg, my personality is what comes out of the water, although, the biggest part of my being is underneath the surface, hidden to the naked eye.

If I look inwards, there are no limits. I see a channel that opens to another world. I can travel an infinite distance without ever reaching a final destination. The only way to grasp its vastness is to embody it.

Like the fractal that divides itself infinitively by repeating the same structure, I am a great organic and geometric shape. Parts of myself have a consciousness so limited; they can barely find their identity from what they can perceive. Other parts recognize that they belong to a more or less large group.

I can use my imagination to embrace my vastness, using references from the outer world. To do so, I first concentrate on who I am. Then, I take a few moments to situate myself to others. Then, I climb one level to include myself in the circle of my family. I become the family, its essence. I am not a specific family member; I am all of them. One level higher, I become a larger group of people, I am the family and all the people close to that family. Another level higher, I take the size of a village, then of a town and a city, then of a province and of a country, then of a continent and so on.

If I use my imagination to do a similar work inward, there is no specific definition or denomination to really illustrate the enlargement of my consciousness. I can imagine to think beyond myself, to hear beyond the usual sounds, and to feel beyond the sensitivity of my skin. I open up to the next level of the fractal, from which my physical body is the smallest repetition of it. As I open up more and more to what is beyond me, I discover myself from another perspective. I realize that whatever I do, I’m not separated from what surrounds me. I am what surrounds me. I choose my reality, which depends on the point of view I am taking. From the smallest to the greatest or from the greatest to the smallest. These two stories are one.

I hope you feel inspired.

Have a great week!

Love and Light


Project 2019 - Example of an experiment

This first month, where I connect to the intention and energy of a participant to create a unique painting, has been quite interesting! These first four experiments encourage me to continue further, in order to be able to really understand what is happening during these painting sessions.

Before the coming of a participant, I clean my creative space from all undesirable energies. Once the participant enters my studio, I explain the course of the painting session. I ask the participant to write down, in small notebook, what he or she thinks is his or her essence. The participant holds in his or her hands the water-spraying bottle I use to make the painting, for a few moments, while thinking about what is written in the notebook. Then I connect myself to what is written in the notebook, without knowing what it is. I connect to the energy of the participant as well. Then I listen to my intuition to select the colours and ways of applications. Each gesture is photographed and noted, so a few days later, I can recreate the experiment, without the presence of the participant.

Here is a painting created with a participant:

And here is a repetition of the previous experience, without the energy and intention of the participant. For this repetition, I connect myself to my own energies:

If you are interested to help me in my research, I still have a few spots available for February. Please contact me (Florence) at or by phone 514-349-2567. Please share this info around you, maybe someone in your network would like to live this unique experience. For more info, look here: : Project 2019

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