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An idea that has followed me for a few years and that I like to deepen sometimes is the idea of consistency. As I was listening to Sheva Carr’s lecture about beliefs and how to clear them when they restrain us to achieve our goals, I understood why some things that I wanted never happened. For something to materialize itself, all elements must be consistent with each other. If the mind goes in one direction, while the body still carry memories or beliefs that go in the opposite direction, inconsistency or duality occurs between the physical and the mental bodies. Therefore, what is desired cannot be reached as long as the physical, emotional and mental bodies are not in alignment. If you read my blog post about happiness, it is the same idea of alignment that is required to reach happiness.

How to align what isn’t? I have to confess that I haven’t totally fulfilled that lesson myself. I understand the tenet, but to apply it is not that easy, especially when it come to promoting my work. I find hard to harmonise my goal with my beliefs while overcoming my fears, which might not be all known. The first step is to identity what doesn’t resonate with my goal. This work requires staying present with the self, asking questions and finding genuine answers. In my last blog post, I talked about acceptance and to be aware of our own limits. To find what restrain us doesn’t rely on magic; we must question the inner self. Once we find the blocking, we replace the previous belief with a new one, aligned with what we want. A possibility that may occur in this process is the change of our goal. We are free of what we want to change in us. The idea is to align what we think, say, do and want to accomplish towards the same direction.

Here is an illustration of something that I have seen many times, and that I surely do as well: Let’s say you are seeking a kind of success. You start something. You may even have a physical or virtual space to greet people and share what is important to you. The problem is that not many people are reaching your space. You don’t understand why; it seems to work so fine for others, when you give so much energy to your project, that you might even consider greater than what others do, and you don’t collect satisfying results. There is a possibility that your efforts are not put in the right direction. But it is also likely that your thoughts, your decisions and your desire to connect with others are not consistent. Is the way you invest your time and money reflects your confidence to succeed? Are you sure that you are not pressing the brake pedal and the accelerator at the same time? Are you trying to materialize something coming from a higher dimension using 3D logic? I know I will meditate on that. I don’t believe in chance. If things are easier for some people, it is not because of chance, rather, they already have the tools (consciously or not) to succeed, and also, their mental, physical and emotional bodies are aligned.

I wish you success in your inconsistencies discovery. Hopefully, the following meditation picture will help you in that matter. Don’t look for concrete answers. I’m convinced that if you listen to your inner silence, over time, answers will come to you in unexpected ways.

Light and Peace


Featured Painting of the week: Meditation Tool 200-040517A

In accordance with the text above about the idea of consistency, I’ve decided to present my painting Meditation Tool 200-040517A for the featured painting of the week. The circle represents the concept of wholeness, unity. This work suggests there are a variety of unities, from which we don’t grasp the totally of one or the other. You can use your imagination to complete the missing parts of the circles, or you can try to see through the white area and to connect the separate circles in order to see the totally of what is within the square shape of the work, move from the circle to the square.

Of course, you can simply enjoy the work as it is. You are free to use its meditative potential or not.

Meditation Tool 200-040517A is a unique painting that you can purchase here.

Link to the online store:

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