Discipline or progress by repetition

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Yesterday, I read a post online saying that doing yoga is like starting again every day. Indeed, our body is never exactly the same and our everyday experiences vary in accordance. It takes into account our progresses and backtrackings. I find reassuring to notice differences in my body everyday. It means that I am not stagnant or in process to freeze myself in matter.

This brings me to today’s subject: discipline. Because of school, the word discipline often carries connotations of good behaviours and order. I am rather interested in the idea of being disciplined, which I think means to repeat an activity on a regular basis in order to improve.

We can be disciplined for a specific activity and be the opposite for something else. I believe it is easier to be disciplined for something that is directly connected with our convictions or for an activity that we gain pleasure from. Alike work, we repeat regularly gestures, and from this repetition, we can notice improvement. For example, we need discipline to learn playing a musical instrument. Each day of practice adds up, reinforces, refines or reveals our skill. Our success is not a matter of chance; rather it is the accumulation of hours we spent over a long period of time.

I believe that to be disciplined for one or a few activities, as we progress, contributes to self-confidence. Also, by always focusing our energy in the same direction materialises what we aim for. To acknowledge that encourages us to prioritise what benefits our development, rather than scattering our energy and time everywhere, without result.

With discipline, we learn to plan our schedule in order to have time to work on our improvements. Keep in mind that the journey is as important, or maybe more, than the success we can gain from our regular practice. It is possible that we will never reach the level we aim for in the activity we practice regularly. Although, the focus and the act of presence that we need to place ourselves when we practice is always beneficial, more than a single result. To look at it from this perspective allows being detached about our performance, which will carry us beyond our expectations and preconceived ideas.

The steadiness of our practice further this inner movement that acts like a spiral moving up. It is important to stay aware of what is happening in our inner self at each practice. Beware not to fall into an automatic routine where action is only a way to keep the body and mind busy, instead of staying present to the transformations happening in us.

Another interesting element brought by the practice of yoga is that even when our hands or feet are not required to do a posture, they remain active, as we keep awareness throughout our body. Whatever the activity in which you devote your time for, I think that it is with the quality of presence we embody that the magic happens.

I assume that you are reading my weekly posts because they are offering you something. Maybe, they encourage you to develop a meditation discipline. My experience with meditation, despite that it is always a challenge to stay present, has developed in me new perceptions, new ways to approach my life. It is a priceless gift.

Now, let’s put all this into practice by being present. You are free to use or not the picture below as a starting point. A tip to stay present is to observe yourself as if you were in and out of yourself at the same time.

See you next week!

Peace and light


Featured painting of the week : Healing Soul 500-170818

Healing Soul 500-170818 is the first work of this series. It is a bit darker than those, which have followed, and maybe it is because it is the first one; the light is coming out more and more over my painting sessions. I think that to heal, we need to face our darker side, the one that drags us towards illness, whatever it is. This is where the learning is, the potential that will carry us to the next level of our existence. This work illustrates the beauty that can emerge from impediments. Despite of its abstract aspect, it offers many narrations possibilities. It is up to you to imagine the stories telling how you freed yourself from your obstacles.

Healing Soul 500-170818 is a unique work that you can purchase here.

Link to the online store to see more works :

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