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Because Canada has just legalized cannabis, and most of the newspaper articles, a few days before and after the big day, were about it, I thought, why not write a little something about it too?

Twenty years ago, I would have voted yes to the legalization of cannabis, but today, I don’t feel so sure about it. I guess, time will show if it was wise or not.

In the past, I thought it would be good to legalize this soft drug as it would be more controlled, and instead of encouraging the organized crime, the money spent on cannabis would go to the government. Today, I find more interesting to question our need to consume drug or alcohol. Cigarettes might have lost their glamour in movies and soap opera; it is definitively not the case for alcohol. We drink it to celebrate, to relax, to forget, to reward us… in fact, any type of special occasion or strong feeling justifies a drink. Now, we can also smoke a joint to relax and let go of the day thus far, or also to have a good laugh with our friends. The idea is to have instant fun, which usually works. But do we realize that it is an illusory pleasure? We play with the chemistry of our brain and body. Maybe we experience funny feelings with a drink or a drug, this doesn’t mean our body is happy about it. It is normal to feel more relax after a drink or a joint, because it decreases the energy of our body, as well as its vibratory power. I guess that occasional consumption would not have a great impact on us but on a more regular basis, it would surely affect our life and the type of people/beings we attract.

If you are familiar with Dr. David R. Hawkins’ writings, you already know the impact of the vibratory level on the creative power. I will probably write a blog post about his map of consciousness levels in a near future. In short, we are the makers of our lives, but our level of consciousness (or vibratory level) will determine the type of situations we brought on us. They can be difficult or interesting. The more our vibrations are slow or down, the less control we have on what happens in our life, as we don’t have enough consciousness to understand the source of our “misfortune” nor the power to find solutions (which are not that complicated). The whole world seems to be scheming against us and we can easily believe to be just a victim in all of this. Someone affected by drug or alcohol is not able to make wise choices; the ones that will help him/her to open up and to be the best version of himself/herself. Also, the pleasurable effects felt at the beginning of consumption fade quickly to give way to a state of depression or disconnection from what we fundamentally are. Alcohol and drug put on stand by the best part of whom we are. This doesn’t mean that pleasure will not be a part of the experience. I would rather say that drug and alcohol limit greatly their consumers, making them the shadow of their best potential.

In my opinion, it would be interesting to explore pleasure or the states we are after when consuming drug or alcohol without having to take anything. There are many types of exercises to find relaxation or to remove inhibitions in a natural and sustainable way. For example, to overcome my shyness, I followed Sylva Bergeron Course, which taught me to take my place thanks to the exercises done during the sessions.

Also, if having fun is not a natural state of being, this might indicate that there is work to do on oneself, like getting rid of the fear of being judged, or daring to be. I am aware that this is not an easy task, being myself introverted and reserved. But let me tell you that: it is so much more rewarding to notice our progress without taking drug or alcohol than knowing that without a substance we are dead boring.

The idea behind this piece of writing is not to be moralistic. Everyone is free to explore life as one wants. My own experience with drugs and alcohol taught me how much I was trying to avoid myself. It took me courage to face what was scaring me. This courage was not available when I was impaired on a regular basis. And with my own experience, I am alarmed to see how much alcohol and now, cannabis, is bought and what it says about our society.

A little anecdote about society and consumption: when I lived in New Zealand, at first, I was astonished by the high price of fruits and vegetables, which for the most part were locally produced. Later, I learnt that most orchards and vegetable gardens have been converted to vineyard, which affected the price of fruits and veggies, as they became rarer. The scarcity of a product justifies a high price. Indirectly, in this case, the demand for wine is restraining the ability of poorer people to buy fresh fruits and vegetables…

To promote a healthy life style, it is important to think about what nourishes us. Think about what is already there, inside of us. For this week meditation, I encourage you to connect with your inner strength. Feel it. Be it. Remain aware of its presence. Then embody it throughout your day, radiating its power, naturally!

See you next week!

Light and Love


Feature of the week: create a bigger work with multiple paintings

Because I spent a part of my week in transforming my studio in a gallery space, with the intention to open my studio to visitors from January 2019, it seems like a good timing to talk about the versatility of my paintings. Most of them can be hung every way using two nails and in diamond shape using one nail. My small scales are perfect for smaller space, but also for larger space when hanging many of them. Personally, I like to have choices and the ability to change things around to refresh my living space. Possibilities of hanging are endless with a selection of works that can create a greater picture together. And here and there, you can isolate one as a feature and then, change things around again!

To see all my available works :

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