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Hello everyone!

This week meditation picture inspired me, once more, this idea that we are all connected. Everyone’s actions, words and thoughts have an impact on others. If we are not grounded, it is easy to be carried away by a movement from which fears, anger and turmoil arise. All the books I have read lately insist on the fact that the only way to bring real change in the world is through the elevation of consciousness. It is my opinion as well and the trigger in my work. Let’s grow love and raise our consciousness. Let’s find the time to do it in each of our actions. This is the most important thing!

Also, this week text is the last of this genre. Every week, I’m inviting you to be inspired by my pictures. I admit I have often deflected to talk about something that I consider important. From next week on, my texts will be a bit more abstracts and more poetic. I hope you’ll enjoy the beauty of language. This decision is in respect with what I love to do. In this same respect, and because of the lack of interest in my guided visualisation (the video format), I’m stopping to make those as well, to save a few hours of my time. See, we are all linked. I will not give you something that you don’t want to receive, although, I have a message to convey. I hope that my upcoming texts and pictures will give you access to that message and that it will transport you enough that you might want to share it around. Let’s find together food for the mind that will elevate us towards our best potential. You are welcome to share your comments on this blog or on my Facebook Page.

Isn’t wonderful to observe all the workings of life? From tiny elements that we can only see moving through the lenses of a microscope to elements so vast that we can only imagine their scale through numbers and comparisons. Human beings are somewhere in between, closer to the tiniest.

I often have the impression of being separated from what surrounds me, as I don’t see the consequences of my moves and my choices on everything else. I move with the perception of being a self, myself, as if I were the center from which the main action occurs, what is the most important. I may even believe that I am separated from the various systems animating my own body, because we don’t share the same level of awareness. Yet, everything is one. Without the bigger elements, the smaller would not have a purpose. Without the smaller elements, the bigger would not exist or would only be empty shells.

During a meditation, as I was guided to become aware of the planet’s etheric body, in which each of us bathes continually, I received the picture of a drop of water. We have the ability to see it as a separated element, but when it blends with more water drops, they form a homogeneous body.

How many water drops make an ocean? If every drop of water records the levels of energies of every place it passes by, how is this energetic information shared between all the drops of water gathered in mass? In what way, on our human level, are we sharing energetic information? Are we aware of these exchanges? Can we choose the energy we share? I am sure of it.

Many situations illustrate the impact we have on each other. When we go to see a comedy show, we let ourselves be carried away by the laughter of others, as we become sensitive to words that would have barely touched us if we had been alone.

We can feel other’s sadness and anger. If we are not rooted in love, other people’s emotions affect us like drops of energy gathering on us and changing our moods.

As I become aware of the unity that connects me with all, I turn to love, this energy that gives vitality to our relationships. Even if I’m not at the center of the universe, I’m like a small power plant. Everything I emanate in energy and thoughts sticks to the emanations of others and to the etheric body of the planet to form a landscape of our time. At every moment, I try to remain aware of the colours I’m offering to our global unity.

I hope you feel inspired

Have a great week!

Light and Love


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