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One of the things that I find interesting with Facebook is that through what one shares we can see what this person consider important. This morning, while reading what appeared on my wall, I realized that we all have causes for which we feel concerned or interested about, things that we would like to change. Some subjects might be very specific. Personally, I grouped most of what interested me under the category “to widen consciousness”, as the changes I would like to witness will occur through more consciousness.

Today, without judging, I would like to bring general questions about certain concerns. My Facebook wall seems to be more and more tinted by concerns about the future of the planet. There are many studies saying that the environment is going down and that if we continue at the same pace, the future will be scary, and not only for us, but for all living species.

It is easy to share the information of those studies from a Facebook page to another, but what about taking part of the changes required? Should we wait for governments to enforce whatever is necessary to save the world? When we need to buy something, do we still think about those studies? Is it important enough to be shared outside of social media? What can we suggest to make a difference?

Here I have taken the example of the environmental cause, but the following question could be ask for any other cause: how do we use information to take action?

In regards of the environment, I know people who live their tenet: they barely create any waste, they evaluate each travel requiring petrol very carefully, they only buy local, they are vegetarian or vegan, they don’t consume mass produced stuff, etc.

I wow their engagement; even though their life style is obvious to them, they are not using the easy path. It requires time and effort to make the type of choices they do. And what is sad is that all the “sacrifices” they do will not be enough to make a difference as long as a minority does it.

I understand that this type of lifestyle is not for all. Other factors intervene and when we are used to a certain type of comfort, our idea of evolution might not be to adopt a lifestyle similar to our ancestor’s.

So, what can we do?

During the last decades, we have been very creative in producing all kind of things, useful and useless. When we are about to finish a project, we already plan the next one. Those projects are often for us or our close friends and family, and if they reach the rest of the world, they remain things for the individual. Imagine what we could do if the next things we create were all in respect with our environment.

I’m bringing back my own cause again. I think that until now, we have created lots of things causing negative outcomes for other living species. Our vision was not long term when we did so. Our consciousness was shortsighted and even sometimes blocked by the idea of making money. I believe that if we elevate our consciousness, we can still live in comfort, but in an intelligent way that doesn’t endanger our environment. I believe there are many life areas that need to be rethought or recreated. I believe those studies saying that our lifestyles cost more to our planet than what she can offer. What do we offer in return? What do we really offer in general besides our little daily and personal stories?

To talk about change is not enough. We need to incarnate the change, to show what can be done. And if we feel powerless or don’t have any idea of what to do, I suggest that we look at the question in an unusual way. For centuries, we have used our concrete mind. 1+1 =2. Quantum physics demonstrates that other solutions might exist, and that surely our thoughts and beliefs affect the problem and its solution.

I am interested in the widening of consciousness as when we open our mind, we find unexpected solutions. When we look at a problem from a higher point of view, we might realize that the issue is not what we thought it was. It is easy to compile numbers to illustrate our impact on our planet. It requires more creativity and intuition to find how to change our habits sustainably.

I trust that each moment spent in meditation, letting the concrete mind listening to silence, will allow something new to bloom in us; a new connection that incarnates the necessary change without carrying feelings of fear, frustration or denial.

To meditate might appear too easy or a weird solution to make a difference in the physical world. To this, I will simply reply that the collection of information creates a certain type of knowledge, an amalgam, but no consciousness. To increase consciousness, we need to experience it.

Do you understand what the word “Life” really means? I know you are alive if you read this, but do you really incarnate Life? Can you experiment it in a larger scale than your own body, or larger than what you defines as “you”? This last question requires to be explored from the inside, without judgment. If we try hard enough, I’m sure will find better answers for our future.

Next week, I’ll talk about the various types of consciousness, which affect our behaviour; how we perceive ourselves in our environment depending on where we are.

Every day, let’s take fifteen minutes to allow new solutions to bloom in our mind without doing anything else than listening to silence. You can use the picture below guiding you in your everyday inner explorations.

Light and Peace


Featured painting of the week : Meditation Tool 300-200717C – To connect with subtle worlds

This week feature is a meditation tool that symbolizes the relationship between our world, the universe and subtler worlds. This work reminds us that we are not alone. We are one specimen among the billion forms of life. Despite of this diversity, we have an impact on the whole from which we are not separated. This painting invites you to take the time everyday to connect with the whole, to learn listening to the intuition of the whole and to explore new solutions.

Of course, you can simply enjoy the work as it is. You are free to use its meditative potential or not.

Meditation Tool 300-200717C is a unique painting that you can purchase here.

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