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Hello everyone!

The picture I am sharing with you today comes from one of my experiments of someone else’s essence, as this person is present during my painting session. (To learn all about these experiments here). The intention of the participant was the word softness. It is that word and my daily Qi Gong practice that inspired me the text below. Also, this picture surely inspires contemplation. I know that for myself, most of my life happens in my head, in my thoughts and my interpretation of my surroundings. Living through my body and being aware of all the energy that passes through it doesn’t come naturally to me. Therefore, when I focus my attention on what happens in my body, my mind is automatically calmed, as I return to the present moment. Are you like me, living deeply in your mind and forgetting sometimes that you have a body?

What is this picture inspiring you? You are welcome to share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this blog or on my Facebook page. You may also simply use this picture as a starting point for a meditation. You’ll find below the text, a link to watch the guided visualization video.

Often, as I look inwards, I notice that I forget to breathe and that my body moves with tension and resistance. Although, I don’t have the impression of being stressed or under pressure, my body is reacting to something, like a silent pain.

Regular observations of my posture and the quality of my actions is important, as each time I notice muscle tension or contraction, I can consciously decide to release it.

I make a few grimaces to release any tension in the face. I even put a smile on it.

I become aware of the energy flowing through my body. Sometimes, I can feel tingling or vibrations, like a slight electric current.

The flow of my breath is like a warm caress that circulates not only in my airways, but also in any part of my body where I decide to send it. I can breathe through my hands and my feet, at different levels in my abdomen and at the level of the third eye. I simply have to imagine the flow of air through my energy points to feel the movement rocking my physical body.

I learn to become aware of my actions and my gestures to make them with more grace and fluidity, letting my celestial origin expressing itself through my terrestrial density.

When I feel heavy, I inhale the lightness of the light. I let the softness of my breath lighten my worries and oppositions by transforming them into harmless little particles.

Each movement is an opportunity for exploration and introspection, a way to stay connected to the qualities that drive me, a way to work on letting go while letting life rocking me. I become flexibility, lightness and grace.

I hope you feel inspired

Have a great week!

Light and Love


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