Healing journey

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Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago, I received an energetic treatment to free myself from the negative energies related to my birth. In choosing this week's meditation picture, I was inspired to write a little text about it. I think every person has lived or will live something painful in their life. Sometimes it will be one event, sometimes there will many. These events are always there to get us to go further in our potential. This is something important to remember because it is easy to remain a prisoner of a state of pain, while we can always aspire to lightness and joy.

What do you see in this picture? What can you imagine or feel from it? You are more than welcome to share your thoughts on this blog or on my Facebook page!

Eyes closed

My roots sunk in the center of the earth

My heart connected to the energy of the universe

I rediscover the original cell

It floats in emptiness

This level is at the same time at the very top and at the bottom when one dives inside oneself

Bubbles of light

Softness of love

I let myself rock

Loved for the first time in a distant past

I welcome the presence of the mother

A touch lost by sudden events

Reconciliation of all parts of my soul

Full again

I inspire everything I can

All the light that comes to me

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

I had forgotten the presence of my wings

A little crooked, they creak at the opening

It is so easy to forget where we come from

What we are

The power of our light

Now, I am looking for my origins to bring you all the joy that I have already known

I hope you feel inspired

Have a great week

Love and Light


Stop Motion - an overview of my creative process

It's been a while since I made new stop motions, but I realized that I haven't really shared the last ones, so here it is. Until I get back to it. Coming in the next weeks, some new VIBRALTA paintings and the little book for the 12 meditations of Summer!

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