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Hello everyone!

Do you have sometimes the impression that some people know everything, when in your case, you feel you don’t know much? It is a common feeling for me, especially as I don’t remember things that are not useful to me right away. I have learnt to remember where to find information, rather than information itself. My mind is like a collection of addresses rather than an encyclopaedia. But, even though my general knowledge is limited, I still feel that I own all the answers regarding my life. The challenge is to learn how to perceive them. The picture below, which you may use either to meditate or as an inspiration, has something enigmatic, like a beginning of answer to a question.

What is this picture inspiring you? You are welcome to share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this blog or on my Facebook page. You may also simply use this picture as a starting point for a meditation. You’ll find below the text, a link to watch the guided visualization video.

My body is a kind of magnetic pole that attracts the energies that I need to move forward and that pushes the unnecessary ones. I marvel at the impressive precision of what takes place in front of me. Like a tremendous multi-dimensional puzzle, the pieces place themselves in front of each other and build, as I go, the reality that will best serve me.

At all times, I am surrounded by possibilities to create my desires, even when I could think it is the other way around. It is important that I remain mindful of my demands and my words, as the more I repeat them, the more powerful they become. Therefore, I select the words I speak. I learn to notice what every situation gives me rather than focusing on what I may have lost. My gains and losses are the result of my path, the result of my decisions, the result of my way of looking at things.

I have nothing to fear. When I encounter an obstacle, the effort that is required of me to overcome it is often the answer to a wish. Without the obstacle, I might not have bothered to make the effort. As more desires and answers emerge in me, I realize that I have already all the information in hands. I only had to make links between my knowledge and various life experiences.

Each of us is an encyclopedia of experiences, a unique expression of love, a specific note, and a puzzle piece in other people’s life. I have all the answers to my questions, but no truth will ever be absolute.

I hope you feel inspired

Have a great week!

Light and Love


Healing Soul 300-031118 – I offer you a bouquet of cosmic flowers

Often, in my painting process, shapes that remind me of flowers, because of their grace, appear here and there. It is a common phenomenon when I paint, as water fondles with small amounts of paint and drags them along to create these elongated shapes. However, it is quite rare to find them once the paint is dry. Healing Soul 300-031118 is an exception. Everyone is free to see what one wants, but for me, I see an explosion of cosmic flowers. I am giving them that name as they remind me of flowers, though, I’ve never seen flowers like these on our beautiful earth. From all my abstract works, it is the easiest one to grasp for someone more used to figurative art. It is still abstract, and like all the other ones, is perfect to help you find balance and mental silence. To consume with eyes and heart without restriction!

This amazing work is available here

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