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With the launch of this new website, which is also an online shop for my paintings, I decided to replace my usual blog (Behind the scene lives the artist) to focus on something that is even more important to me and that is more aligned with the artistic path I want to take. Therefore, from now on, I’m offering you to follow me through various situations of life and to seek ways to add light to them. Human life is filled with challenges, surprises and learning opportunities, which it might be difficult to see as such.

Probably as most of you are, I am an autodidact of psychology. I learnt a lot from time, experiences, readings and my art practice, but I know I still have a lot of work to do. I don’t pretend knowing better than professionals of the mind what will help you in your life journey, but to have consulted psychologist, psychotherapist and others myself, I know that sometimes the unlocking key towards a new life might be found somewhere else. There are thousands of tool for self-growth and the idea is to find what works for us. Always seeking to improve myself, over time, I realized that the key moments of my personal journey came from questions that people asked me.

I love to ask questions. I do it a lot and quite often, but the answers always remain open.

If today, I am eager to communicate with you, it is to promote the development of a healthy relationship with oneself and with others. I would like to share point of views that are not necessary yours, but that might hold a bit of truth, a path to explore by yourself. Also, I want to acknowledge that beyond work for personal growth exists work for global improvement. Not everyone is there yet. Personally, I am at the beginning of this type of work, which regardless the challenges, gives me hope for the future.

Over the weeks, I intend to discuss topics linked with all kinds of emotions, states of being and the social challenges of human existence. The discussions will start by taking a position of observation. Then, when necessary, we will try to find ways to overcome our limitations and to spread light around us. We might need to review some versions of our reality. I strongly believe that human existence is rich of great possible achievements, but sometimes our beliefs (not only religious beliefs) restrain our progress. And when I talk about human existence, I talk about mine as well, even though I might come from another planet.

This feeling of coming from somewhere else is not always easy to experience, as the world around me doesn’t make much sense or doesn’t resonate with who I am. This uncomfortable feeling constitutes the core of my art practice and of my self and spiritual growth. I need to know who I am to be able to move forward. I have a vision of what the world could be, and at the same time, I see all our impediments without holding all the solutions in my hand. Those solutions are not mine; they require the participation of all. Also, I am aware that my vision is not necessarily what should be. The idea is to raise my consciousness, and also, to give you possible path to raise yours, as I think that it is beyond the self that lies the best answers. We can start by tame the ego to slowly discover the various tones of love.

I hope that you will not only follow this journey, but that you will also participate and share your ideas and own discoveries on the various topics we will explore.

I am continuing the tradition of my previous blog by sharing a picture to start a meditation.

Peace and Light


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