Love and its mysteries

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Last week, I talked about the human evolution scale and the different types of consciousness humankind are experiencing. Today, I will talk about the energy of love, which is, in some ways, a synonym of consciousness. Despite of its essential and simple nature, love is challenging for us, as we try to control it, while we should go with the flow.

We know what it is to love people close to us, to experience passionate love, or to have love for our parents, our children, our animals and even activities that we enjoy. However, it is common that the love we share is conditioned by criteria. If someone we love starts acting differently towards us, it might change the way we love that person. In our love life, we might even take for granted what media suggest. We quantify love as if it was something we could lack of. And sadly, most people seem to have failed love at least once in their life. I would go as far as saying that most of our problems are results of a lack of love.

Last week, I told you that the bottom part of the evolution diagram is where we build the ego and that it is a necessary step in our evolution. The development of our ego is a critical point in regard of our relationship with love. It is at this stage that we realize the importance of loving who we are. Careful not to develop rewarding habits. Sometimes we accept to do things that we don’t like, but in return, we reward ourselves with something that pleases us, a little bit like we would reward our pet… The reward does not guarantee we make the best choices for our soul, or us especially when it comes to buy a little something.

The concept of lacking love is a kind of oxymoron. Love is limitless. If we don’t have enough of it probably means that we haven’t find or acknowledge its source. We know behaviour that we associate with the idea of love, but we haven’t actually experience it in its full power. We might have been in love and experienced a floating sensation or even a deep connection with someone. But if we need someone else to feel loved, then we have work to do on us!

In psychosophy, the laws of physics are described as laws of love, as the force of love unifies. Therefore, love is everywhere: between atoms, which create bigger molecules to make up our physical reality, and all throughout the universe, where gigantic bodies evolve. Love is what keeps everything together. With all the systems running our physical bodies, we surely are vehicles of love. But are we aware of it?

Maybe our struggle to recognize love comes from our need to define everything, to see things as being separate one from the other, from our ignorance of the relationships between every element surrounding us?

We like to find rules and conditions that explain what we see and how the world functions, but rarely we do the opposite journey, the experience of feeling included in all. This misconnection with our surroundings can surely create that idea of lacking love, of feeling empty.

I cannot explain clearly what love is, as it is a magical experience. We need to focus on our essence by removing the layers of knowledge and past situations that obscure who we are. We have the choice: we can continue to define us with what we believe we have missed in the past, or we can take back our initial power by connecting with the love present in our body cells.

We tend to define love with notions of pleasure, desire and safety, but this energy is far more than that.

When you say that you love someone or something, what does that really mean? How would you be if you were deprived from this person or this thing? Can you say that you love yourself without making judgement at the same time? Do you feel that you belong to the history of humankind? Do you feel the connection between you and all the other realms of life? Do you feel the love that holds all your body cells together? Can you picture that the words “life”, “love” and “consciousness” are synonyms that describe the same thing?

I invite you to meditate on one or a few of these questions, using or not the picture provided below.

See you soon!

Love and Light


This week feature: wearable and objects spreading energy!

Already a few years back, when I painted with watercolours, I had the feeling that my work would look great on fabric and wearable. Not only my dream is coming true, but it also aligns with a responsible way to consume. Unlike shops where each item is mass-produced whether customers are interested in it or not, the two online shops I selected for the print of my designs only produce on demand. I opted for Redbubble, because it’s very easy to upload my designs and apply it to the variety of objects they offer. Also, they have a nice range of everyday objects such as pillows, duvet cover, mug, travel mug, bags and electronic device skins and cases.

For wearable, I would suggest to go with Art of Where, although I have nothing to complain about the quality of Redbubble. Art of Where prints and makes the clothes in Montreal. Most of their fabrics are ecopoly, which means they used less water and energy to be produced! However, for now, they only have women and child wears.

I am quite enthusiastic to introduce here the new page of my website where you can find the links to my Redbubble and ArtofWhere online shops. I don’t know what is your usual type of shopping experiences; I only know that for myself, it is often difficult and frustrating, especially at this time of the year, where everything is either black, grey, brown or dark red. I find it strange, as we know the effect of colours on our state of mind. In a few weeks, all the beautiful colours of autumn will be gone leaving the trees bare and a bit scary looking. It will be the time of the year when most people start to feel depressed… so let’s bring some colours!

For my designs, I chose, among the thousands of pictures I took during my painting sessions, the ones that I felt were the most suitable to be worn. They are colourful and impregnated with revitalizing energies. I feel comfortable to affirm that after a feedback I recently received. A person very dear and close to me wears clothes with my designs on it when she goes to her chemo treatment. She told me she felt more energized when she wears those than her regular clothes, which are colourful as well. This sounds like a confirmation that art has the power to elevate!

Warning: you will not go unnoticed and you will reap compliments!

Another good news, if we compare with purchasing in a regular store, is that if you find something that you like, but for whatever reason you cannot get it today, it will still be there the next time you visit my Redbubble or Artofwhere shops. Of course, more choices will also be available, as I will add new designs every week after my painting sessions.

Here is the link to this new page: Impressions / Prints

To add to your bookmarks and to share with all the people you believe could be interested in my work.

Many thanks!

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