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Hello everyone,

This week, I'm sharing a meditation picture that I find particularly beautiful and energetic. It inspired me a little text that I would describe as an ode to the life and to the beauty of diversity. Isn't it beautiful to find what makes us unique and share it around us?

What do you see in this picture? What can you imagine or feel from it? You are more than welcome to share your thoughts on this blog or on my Facebook page!

Well rooted in its red color A magic flower traces its path A flower of the heart A heart free to express itself.

All around, there are some fragments of the same energy But also many other visions and ways of doing things There is a beauty in these color differences In these stories that mix and match.

All around, gigantic veils of light The softness of the rainbows of communication There is a place for everyone But sometimes it takes experiences to find the one that suits us

We are more noticed in an environment composed of values ​​different from ours, While we blend more into a setting that enchants us and in which we feel we belong to. Free to swim in warm and calm waters Or to go countercurrent up cold rivers By alternating from one to another Eventually we unify them Contrasts fade We realize that what we believe to be opposites has the same heart, A heart that expresses itself with a different language, The experience of a unique way of life In the great universal canvas

I hope you feel inspired

Have a great week

Love and Light



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