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Whether we are an artist or not, we are all stimulated by projects at some points in our life. There is even a category of people who cannot live without having a project on the go. For other people, not doing anything is equally a good option. One is not better than the other. However, with the idea of developing the intuition, I think it is interesting to recognize the differences between procrastination and the necessity to take a break.

If we trace a straight line to link two points – one point is representing someone needing projects to “survive” and the other point is someone with no project to occupy him/her – I would probably be close to the extreme of “surviving” on projects. Yet, I’m starting to realise that there are benefits to take breaks. I admit, sometimes I am in the middle of a writing task, and I deviate my focus to go on Facebook or Instagram. How much time am I wasting on social media? Probably more than I want to know. Is it a way to take a break from an action that requires effort? Yes and no. To be completely honest, this is rather a way to procrastinate than a beneficial pause. How to see the differences?

Procrastination is a way to do something that is not useful while staying occupied. The mind is not really resting. The focus is driven on something else that is usually easier, and sometimes very shallow. I remember a talk my art classroom had with our studio tutor before we started the last year of our degree in Arts. She told us it was ok to procrastinate, as long as at some point, we find our way back to what matters to us. Maybe there is a key right there. If we spend more time to deviate our attention from our projects than working on those projects, it could mean that, yet, we haven’t find what really stimulate us. We stay busy with this and that, but it doesn’t nourish our motivation. Maybe, like many of us, you don’t know what is right for you? Or maybe you do, but the ideal conditions are not met and you hesitate to invest your energy in something that might not work. And ironically, it is exactly what happens when we procrastinate: it doesn’t happen.

Why not take a break instead? Whether you are always unleashed and fuelling at a hundred miles per hour or fluttering from one little thing to another, stop for a few moments! Imagine that for a while, there is nothing that you can do - no TV, no Internet, no reading, no music, nothing at all. Remove all possible distraction and suddenly, all that is left is you. It would be easy to fail this exercise by occupying your mind with scenarios or lists of what to do. Don’t! Keep your attention in this moment. Become aware of the body that carries you. What kind of sensations can you feel? Can you feel the energy circulating? Do you feel blocking, tensions? Are you aware of the interactions between your environment and yourself? During this time of pause, you have the time to examine your being. You become conscious that you exist beyond your doings and assets. In fact, you are the starting point, the source of the inspiration, and the creator of your life.

There is something refreshing about taking a break to reconnect body and mind. It is the kind of little things that, on the long run, will modify your relation with time and with yourself.

For very active people, pauses allow to make better and more focused choices that will respect how they feel and who they are. It is quite common to neglect one’s health and wellbeing at the expense of what we think is important to do.

For those lacking motivation, replace time of procrastination by time of pause. Your energy will be increased tenfold and who knows what will emerge from those privileged time with yourself?

Like every week, I invite you to meditate, using or not the image provided below as a starting point. Meditation is a way to take a break by practicing the silence of the mind, and then to let room for the voice of intuition, which will benefit you in your future projects and life choices!

Happy break time!

See you next week!

Light and Love


This week feature: The Healing Soul Series

There are new works in the shop! Since August, I am working on a series linked with the intention of healing. Just like my Meditation Tool Series, I start every painting session with a meditation, to empty my mind and give space to the highest part of who I am: the soul.

The first difference between the Meditation Tool Series and the Healing Soul Series is the addition of music vibrating at 852Hz and more, while I am painting. The idea is to let the materials (paint, water, pigment) be modelled by those high vibrations.

The second difference is in the finish. A semi-translucent white layer is added to some areas of the Meditation Tool Series to invite the viewer to seek further than what can be seen, to imagine what could be the picture without masked areas. The Healing Soul Series offers a complete picture, which gives more power to colours and shapes. The visual of the works remains abstract and can serve you in your meditations.

Not only those works can be enjoyed like any other artwork, and be part of your home decor, but also, they carry high vibrations, which make them great tools in your personal and impersonal development. They have been created with the intention to widen consciousness and to help you find what is beyond your own knowledge of yourself. To me, they are threshold to a higher dimension, an inner travel invitation.

Get ready for the exploration!

The Healing Soul Series are unique artworks available to purchase here .

To see all works:

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