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Hello everyone,

This week, the image of meditation that I propose is highly colorful! Its powerful vibrations inspired me a text on purification. It seems interesting to return regularly to the source, to what is fundamental and important. Sometimes our habits and the comments of others lead us in a direction that may or may not be ours. I invite you to revitalize your energies by observing this picture while laying the intention to be on the path that is best for you. Perhaps this will not change anything, perhaps it will bring about the beginning of a new chapter.

What do you see in this picture? What can you imagine or feel from it? You are more than welcome to share your thoughts on this blog or on my Facebook page!

We are a set of layers and labels Our need to describe everything and to name everything has divided us We see the facets rather than the whole. Our additions are subtractions too, Barriers to perceiving what is complete and perfect

Bathing in the red, pink and purple lights I come back to the source I'm free from the things that aren’t mine From the masks that I falsely worn to please

We can only know in others what we recognize in ourselves The labels received reveals the subjectivity of the person who affixes them. With naivety and politeness, we sometimes trust others more than ourselves, We take the words we are offered without experiencing their truth And we get lost in a world invented by others, by what divides us.

Bathing in the light of colors I purify myself of energies that do not belong to me I resume my initial form

I get back in touch with my own truth. Before anyone puts their eyes on me and names me, I was perfection.

I hope you feel inspired

Have a great week

Love and Light


Vibrant energy Tank tops!

It's summer, the weather is nice and warm and it makes us want to shine what is most beautiful in us. So why not express this inner joy with our clothes? Here are some examples of tank tops that might help express to others this life flowing in us. More design available on my Redbubble and Art of where online shops.

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