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If I had to illustrate self-confidence, I would draw an armour of invincibility around human beings. To be self-confident is to know our own worth without doubting it. It is not important that others agree with us in this matter if we have faith in who we are.

If you have read my blog post about the notion of judgment, you’ll find similarities with this blog post. Somehow, the lack of self-confidence highlights how we judge ourselves of not being worth of something or someone. We believe we are not good enough. We are afraid of what other people might think of how we are or what we do. Sometimes, we will become perfectionist, as we believe that only perfection will protect us from rejection and help us to achieve recognition. It’s not that simple, as life is not black or white. Life is not limited to extremes, and it all really depends on someone’s point of view and perspective.

It’s not necessary to be perfect or to have gained external recognition to be self-confident. It’s in the mind, in the heart and at the level of the solar plexus. At some point, we have to inhabit our ego, to be in alignment with our personality, in other words, with who we are. Society, media, religion, family, educational systems and so on all dictate how we should be. Those institutions trace outlines to facilitate harmony, by sometimes levelling differences to a degree of standardization. They propose ideas and models for the common good, but they usually don’t answer the individual question of “ who am I?” And this question doesn’t get a complete answer by going through the mind either.

There is something in our inner self, like a sparkle or a twinkle. How we name it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this sparkle is permanent and invincible. It connects us with the Earth and other realms of life. It connects us with what is the most fundamental force in us, which doesn’t have limits and which exists beyond everything. To inhabit or to incarnate this sparkle is the easiest way to reach self-confidence.

Maybe, what I’m sharing here sounds very abstract to you. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, I suggest that you try this exercise of visualization:

Put yourself in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and imagine a small flame placed inside of you, right up your belly button. Feel its strength and vitality. Know that nothing can extinguish it. Feel its warmth, which regardless of its small size, manages to envelop you completely. You and this flame are one. Let yourself be filled by its presence.

Repeat this exercise as often as you need to. You are animate by something very subtle but so powerful! It’s through practice that you will unleash your wonderful potential!

Furthermore, when you are standing up or walking, notice the position of your back, shoulders, feet and head. Teach your muscles to keep a good and aligned posture, as this will allow a better flow of your energy.

Someone with self-confidence has naturally that kind of posture. If it’s not what your body is demonstrating at this moment, create a new habit. In this process, yoga was a wonderful tool for me. I strongly recommend Yoga with Adriene videos! ( They are as good for the body than the mind!

To develop self-confidence is a little bit like gradually learning to love yourself unconditionally. You will not love yourself more because you are better than someone else, or because you own more, or have reached success where others have failed. You will love yourself because you know that everyday, you do your best to incarnate your greatest qualities.

For the meditation practice of this week, imagine your inner strength increase and bloom. You can use the picture below as a starting point if you wish.

Light and Peace


Featured Painting of the week: Meditation Tool 200-050517

To continue on this week theme about self-confidence, here is a work that will give you wings: Meditation Tool 200-050517. It symbolizes freedom and inner love. Like all the other meditation tools, this painting goes beyond the status of aesthetical object, by offering you a working space to stimulate your imagination and sensibility.

Abstract art acts like a mirror. It is up to you to look beyond what you already know, to explore unknown aspects of yourself and to slowly reconnect with your divine sparkle.

Of course, you can simply enjoy the work as it is. You are free to use its meditative potential or not.

Meditation Tool 200-050517 is a unique painting that you can purchase here.

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