Stars in the eyes

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Hello everyone,

As yesterday was our anniversary meeting with my husband and tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, I wanted to share a text on the love of a soulmate. A soulmate is not always a life partner, but it is a blessing when it is. I think it is important to emphasize the magic of this type of relationship so we don't lose sight of what is before our eyes and also to inspire the love around us. I chose a meditation picture that I associate with the universe, because both my husband and I are children of the stars.

What do you see in this picture? What can you imagine or feel from it? You are more than welcome to share your thoughts on this blog or on my Facebook page!

My first memory of you is when our eyes met Your eyes were filled with stars

The lights of the universe The most beautiful firmament A door connected to your heart was already waiting for me From the first moment, together, out of time Unaware of the speed with which time continued to unroll on Earth.

Soul from another planet Brother of the stars I found a part of me inside you This universal love that believes in humankind beyond what defines it geographically or culturally. This hope for a better world where everyone has the right to flourish You shared a quote you found inspiring Live and not survive

I admire your love for life Your candid curiosity Your need to participate, to do your share

Every day you offer me divine gifts: Non-judgment Respect Support Listening And the many other synonyms of love

With you, there is the present that passes at full speed And the future filled with our dreams and promises With you, there are parallel worlds And scenarios of all possible With you, there is simplicity And the joys of the imaginary

Thank you for every moment, every word, every topic shared Complementary, each of us in our completeness We turn to the light of our love United for Life Travelers of the galaxy.

I hope you feel inspired

Have a great week

Love and Light


My painting experiment on painting your essence continues!

A little less than half of the year remains and I have almost reached my goal of participation in my paintings of your essence! A huge thank you to those who participate so far and who answered my questions! A lot of magic and learning have shown on my wooden panels so far and I am excited about the idea of offering this unique service of painting your essence from 2020! Until then, the experiment mode continues until December. I am currently taking reservations for the end of July and the month of August. Yesterday, with my husband, we made the first painting of essence as a couple (result below). If you want to try the experience with your sweetheart rather than by yourself, it is possible to do it!

For more info on my "painting experiment": Project 2019

To make an appointment with me, contact me at or by phone/texto 514-349-2567 (Florence)

I'm looking forward to meet you and paint your essence!

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