Storm swallowers

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Hello everyone,

Even in times of difficulty, it is important to remember that the quality of our thoughts has an impact on what happens in our lives and around us. At the time, we may feel deprived or as a victim, but when we learn to look at events in hindsight, the difficulties take us to where we would not have been willingly, somewhere we could learn something new, do a transformative experience. This is what this week's meditation picture and the text it inspired me are highlighting.

What do you see in this picture? What can you imagine or feel from it? You are more than welcome to share your thoughts on this blog or on my Facebook page!

On a rough and crimson sea

Luminescent foam forms

Its golden particles rise into the atmosphere where winged creatures meet

The violet dragons of transformation and the white eagle of courage furrow the sky to disarm the storms

When the black masses of our fears clump together to form huge clouds

They dive headlong into our shadows to scatter toxic thoughts before they gain too much power

As they dance in the air, they project particles of light on our black ideas to make them explode

Sometimes the dragons charge towards the storm with their mouth open

They fill their round belly with all our ills

Then spit them out with the roar and light of lightning

Fascinated, we look at the sky screaming his anger

Without really understanding the reason for so many emotions

We don’t realize that we are like holey balloons from which colourful bubbles escape

Behind us, streaks of thoughts

Tiny shapes that fly with the currents

The void is filled with invisible,

Of all these things that we emit without seeing that we create stars, suns, clouds, planets and storms.

I hope you feel inspired

Have a great week

Love and Light


Healing Soul 500-170818

Until it finds a new owner, this work is installed in my office. Every day, my gaze stop several times to look at it and each time, it emerges a feeling of love. Either because I visually enjoy a satisfying color combination again, or because I discover a new pearl in its visual and narrative richness. However, I am ready to let it go to delight another person. Other works are waiting to take its place and to be discovered as well! Get this unique painting here.

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