The chase of happiness

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Whether in movies, in shops or in magazines, it seems that the idea of happiness is well established in our society, as a kind of ultimate goal to achieve. To be happy, what else could we ask for? But it’s not so easy to attain it and the challenge is even greater when we try to keep it.

There is no single definition of what can make us happy. Some look in the material aspect of life: cars, clothes, new electronic devices, etc. Some seek it in activities: travel, new experiences, diner with friends, going out, etc. For others, it is linked with family and they build a bubble around their clan.

For a second, a minute, a day or even a week, we live in happiness. Then, slowly, it fades or something unexpected happens, and what was fun for a while has lost its magical power. We might think that maybe, we haven’t totally reached happiness and we start looking for it again, accumulating more things, more feelings.

From psychosophy’s point of view, happiness is something ephemeral. It only happens when the physical, emotional and mental bodies are aligned and satisfied. As soon as one of the three senses discomfort, happiness disappears.

Are we cursed to always come back to struggles and challenges without any hope to be happy in the long term? No, don’t be scared. In fact, there is something even better than happiness, something that is steady and that can last. However, the way to reach it is quite different from happiness seeking. Instead of looking outside of us, we need to establish the conditions that will allow a communication inside of us, to contact our higher and divine self, and to learn to give back control to this higher self that stands beyond our ego.

I know, what I’m saying sounds probably very abstract and esoteric. Maybe, a more efficient way to illustrate this is to share my own experience. For a bit more than a year now, I’ve been meditation every morning. This meditation practice consists in connecting myself with all, with my soul, with something global/universal. On a higher level of existence, we are not separate. During the meditation, I imagine myself to be a quality such as love, unity and light. I’m not trying to use words or images to describe these qualities, rather to keep an open mind to hear or sense what they are; to become these qualities. The meditation is done without expectations of any results. Nonetheless, something happens. I experience a kind of joy and peace throughout my day, regardless what occurs in my life. Events and situations that in the past would have been qualified to bring me happiness don’t attract me anymore. Events and situations that in the past would have negatively affected me don’t touch me anymore. And no, I haven’t become insensitive to what happens around me, quite the opposite. I feel more things than I have ever felt. My intuition is more developed. Before, my outer world had power on me. Now, I own my power. Despite life’s challenges, the unknown and sometimes the unwanted, I have the power to find peace in the midst of chaos. Moments of unbalance are not a barrier to my happiness, rather evidence that I found peace.

I want to acknowledge that this practice of meditation, even though it is linked with our spiritual aspect, is not connected to a specific religion or philosophy. What I mean is that it is not necessary to believe in anything to practice it, except to believe in yourself and your greatness. The potential is there, in each of us. We only need to take some time and calm to explore it.

To put this into practice, I invite you to meditate, with or without the following picture:

Peace and Light


Powerful clothing !

If you are like me as struggle to find clothing that you like in stores, because fashion is not going in the same direction that you are, this is maybe the solution.

For years, I had the feeling that my work would be perfect for clothing; a way to feel energized and to lift other people’s vibrations up at the same time.

With a website such as Redbubble, to wear my art becomes possible! Regardless the fact that the pieces of clothing are novel and super cool, I like that only ordered pieces are produced.

Redbubble produces more than T-shirts and dresses; you can also find wall clock, cushions, cellphone covers, beddings, bags, and a variety of print sizes.

Here is the link to my Redbubble page. New pictures are added on a regular basis.

I guarantee that if you wear clothing with my art on it, you will not go unnoticed

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