The fear of being wrong vs the intuition

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Have you noticed that, most of the time, when you fear something or are afraid to fail, it happens? Maybe because of that, you even believe that you were right to be afraid, as you already knew the poor result. What if your fear created that result?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about self-confidence and I received a lot of comments about it. Clearly, it resonated with my readers!

The fear to fail is increased by the lack of self-confidence. We can connect it to the little voice inside our head telling us about the consequences of our future mistakes. And because we mistake it for the voice of intuition, we do exactly what will result in a failure.

An easy solution to avoid mistakes is to ask questions rather than making up the answers we don’t know. Let’s take last week subject, the couple, to illustrate this. A lot of arguments I had with my partner were caused by his will to make me happy, while using his own references in term of what would made him happy. You probably heard of a joke where the husband gives a vacuum cleaner to his wife for her birthday. The ideal of one is rarely the ideal of the other. Therefore, the best way to avoid a mistake is to go at the source to collect the information.

Sometimes, the fear of being wrong comes when we have to use something new. Many times, I witnessed people working on a new software, following an easy step by step guide, and still, they thought they could make the computer explode with a typing mistake.

Also, in the category of people that are afraid to be wrong, I would add the people who only believe in what science has proven so far and nothing else. By sourcing their belief in science, they think they will make no mistake. But science constantly evolves. What appears to be true today might be wrong tomorrow, with the finding of new data.

So, the only certain thing is that we all make mistakes and will all continue to make mistakes. During my art studies, my tutors sometimes said that it is the mistakes that bring us further, towards a better understanding of what we are doing. The more difficult is the journey, the better we will imprint our learning. It is ok to be wrong. What is more annoying is to skip the assessing step in order to find what went wrong and to repeat all over again the same mistake.

Earlier, I talked about how we mistaken the voice of fear for the voice of intuition. It would be interesting, not only to be able to recognize the voice of intuition, but also to make more room for it, so it becomes more present.

The secret is in listening, or rather, in the quality of our listening. When you listen to someone speak and before the end of his words, you already analyze what you could answer or add, you are not really in listening mode. You are looking for how you could take part in the conversation and your attention is at least as much, if not more, focused on yourself than on the person you are listening to. Don’t look for answers; let them come to you. And if nothing comes, it doesn’t matter. It might come later.

The development of the quality of your listening is a big part of what I propose here every week when I invite you to meditate. When we place our focus beyond our mind, while listening to the voice of silence, we shift something in our mind. Rather than transmitting thoughts, our mind starts to receive information. The more we practice, the more our hearing becomes sensitive. And slowly our mind starts to make sense of what it receives as it channels the intuition.

The voice of intuition is not rational as it is not the result of an analysis exercise. It appears without being expected, and unless we have many years of intuition listening practice, it is not the first voice passing through our mind when we react to something.

I’m inviting you to practice your listening skills with a little meditation. You are free to use the picture below as a starting point.

As your experience of listening to your intuition builds up, it will become easier to recognize that voice. Therefore, you will make fewer mistakes, which will obviously decrease your fear of making them!

See you next week!

Light and Love


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