The language of flowers

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Hello everyone!

As we enter the 4th month of the year and that Spring is preparing to give us a colourful show, here is meditation picture that has a floral appearance to get in the mood! Below, I’m sharing the short poetic text that this picture inspired me. I’m very curious to know what this picture made emerge in you. You are invited to share it on this blog or on my Facebook Page!

Emergence and development

Cosmic bulbs inflate before turning their heads up

A common root merges with a point in the universe, at the crossroads of knowledge and feelings

What blooms in this place out of time and space is sometimes palpable in our silences

Like tiny glitters of light, they revolve around us


Heavenly magic

Stretch our ear firmly towards their flamboyant dance

Perhaps we’ll hear their sparkling voices

From these cosmic flowers nourishing the eternal and the ephemeral, come out stories of love

Sometimes, difficult and painful stories, in which transformations and abandonments occur, while we learn to find beauty in the tundra of our lives.

If all the diamonds in the universe were offered to us at once, we wouldn’t know what to do with them

The discovery of a small treasure at a time allows time to exist

As we fashion the figurines of our realities.

We could pick all these cosmic flowers to form the most beautiful bouquet to share

The life of flowers mowed for a few moments of pure happiness

Human pleasure with short vision even if it’s done with heart

Let’s bloom what seeks to emerge

Let’s be charmed by the smells, the colors, Life

Let us bloom into synchronized beings

If we need flowers to beautify our stories

Let’s learn to write with the language of these gracious beings.

I hope you feel inspired

Have a great week!

Light and Love


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