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This week, I would like to explore an idea that we are taking for granted, while it requires hard work of detachment and purification. Quite a few years back, after months passed in our mother’s belly, we were born and from this instant, our existence became “real”. Our body is there. It grows up. It gets old. In a way, we submit ourselves to its needs, and sometimes its whims. We like things that our body finds pleasing: a taste, a sound, a color. But despite all these physical proofs, I can’t help myself asking this question: were we really born?

Many times in the past, I noticed that people define themselves with what they like: the music they listen to, the activities they do, their career, their familial position, etc. It is uncommon to hear someone defines oneself with an unchangeable quality. Often, we recite things or aspects that can come to an end. Today, I like this literature genre, but maybe next year, it will be another genre. Today, I have a good position in that company; tomorrow, I might have a promotion or lose my job.

By identifying oneself to something that can suddenly change brings the issue of having to redefine oneself over and over again, hence having the impression of not knowing who we are or what direction we should follow.

Sometimes, people wait to be retired to really take the time to answer the question of identity. They have less obligations or things to take care of, which opens the door to a feeling of freedom. Sometimes, it is illness that forces someone to face what one has to overcome, what haven’t been understood yet. The body has recorded behaviours and events where its life force wasn’t flowing properly. It sends, through disease, a message that might remain undecipherable. Unfortunately, the illness might become a new way to define oneself.

During my art studies, most of the projects we had to do were about the question of identity. It was interesting to see how each student would respond to it in his/her research and expression. Most students linked the question of identity with a familial past, the history of their ancestors. But this remains an external point of view to understand who we are. To reach to the past to find our identity, isn’t it like saying that we are the product of what came before us? I’m sure that many of you will agree with that. Who would we be without our ancestors and what they experienced? However, if everyone creates his/her identity based on the person who preceded him/her, and that we go back in time to the first person in the lineage (in other words, the key to our identity), can we say that we are the same person? Obviously not. Transformations, detachments, awareness, evolution have occurred. Our ancestors’ past might carry important elements in the understanding of who we are, but I think we need to transcend it to really give birth to who we really are.

If we have separate physical bodies, isn’t it to illustrate our differences? We could be all the same. What is making you unique, beside your life story? What fundamental quality are you? What is its vibratory frequency? Which piece in the universe puzzle are you? You have no idea? Then, it’s time to give you birth!

In my opinion, the question of identity cannot be answered with words and stories. Our vocabulary is too limited and filled with connotations to convey a real sense of who or what we are. However, we don’t need to verbalize it, as it is a matter of being.

I’m well aware that I’m leaving you without a concrete answer about the question of identity or even how to give birth to yourself. I believe there is no single way to do it and that each one of us have to make his/her own journey to find the answer. I’m offering you the image below on which to meditate, as well as two words: grounding and acknowledging. The answer lies inside, underneath the many layers built by our ego.

Happy rebirth day and enjoy your week!

Light and Love


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