To radiate from the inside out

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Hello everyone!

Did you know that you could choose the type of energy you feel and radiate? This week meditation/visualization picture inspired me to think about that.

To take the responsibility of what happens to us is not necessarily easy to do. Nobody wants to take the blame for one’s own misfortune, however, when we start to analyse why certain situations always happen to us, we start finding means to change things around and to bring more harmony in our life.

What is this picture inspiring you? You are welcome to share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this blog or on my Facebook page. You may also simply use this picture as a starting point for a meditation. You’ll find below the text, a link to watch the guided visualization video.

There is always a choice. I can look at life and observe the energy waves circulating in my outer world. I can remain passive and absorb the various waves surrounding me. Like a strong wind, they push me as they want, messing with my hair, giving me a hard time.

Or, I can decide to reverse the flow. Rather than being affected by what is happening around me, on which, I have usually very little power, I can create my own flow of energy and let it out.

I know that who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind. I am mindful of the type of energy I spread around me. I am a co-creator of the world. I have the power to improve or worsen the situations around me. To put the odds on my side, I listen to the voice of my emotions, but I don’t let them control me. Emotions are like a piece of clothing that we wear for a few hours before changing it. I rather focus on my states of being. What quality am I embodying? Am I Light? Love? Joy? Peace? Gratitude? Lightness? Simplicity? Confidence? Or something else?

I wear an inner smile, because I know that not only I have a choice, but I also have the power to radiate what is the best version of me at every moment.

For a moment, I imagine all the living beings on Earth radiating their most beautiful quality. Everyone beams its unique colour. Together, we create a cosmic rainbow with all bright and iridescent colours. A sumptuous energetic jewel that creates what our mind is not even able to imagine, but that our heart has known forever.

I hope you feel inspired

Have a great week!

Light and Love


Healing Soul 200-241118 or the flamingos dance

A few paintings inspired me to start my 2019 experiment, in which I connect myself to the person present during my painting session. Healing Soul 200-241118 is one of them, even though it wasn’t exactly a person that witnessed my painting session. It was Ferdinand, my flamingo who watched me with intensity!


He surely inspired me to use a few drops of hot pink during my painting session, however, I didn’t expect to see appear a few flamingos in the finished painting. You can find this joyful little painting in my online shop. Also, if you are interested in volunteering for my 2019 experiment, where I will connect myself to your essence to create a work as unique as you are, I still have one spot available at the end of February and I’m starting to take reservations for March. Contact me at or by phone 514-349-2567.

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