To stay focused in difficult times

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Hello everyone!

Here is the picture for this second week of visualization. As I was going through something difficult, I wrote a text to help myself and everyone else to remain focused during difficult times. You are free to create your own interpretation, which you are encouraged to share in the comments of this blog post or on my Facebook Page. This picture can also be a start for meditation. You’ll find below the text, a link to the video, if you prefer the experience of listening to my version narration while looking at the picture.

My gaze settles on the treetops

I know I am entering in a period of difficulties.

I don’t have control on what is happening and I cannot avoid these events.

As I feel my abdomen or my chest tensing up, I focus on my breathing.

All my attention is on my body.

I become one with the breath of energy coming in and coming out of my lungs.

The warm movement cradling my upper body is soothing.

I feel more and more relaxed

I am calm.

If tears are building up in the corner of my eyes, I allow them to flow like a liberating rain.

However, my attention stays on the movement of my breath.

Maybe my emotions are trying to invade my mind by inventing all kind of dramatic scenarios of painful ideas.

I take back the control of my thoughts.

I have the wisdom to listen to my body and to acknowledge what is happening without denial.

I know I have the strength to go through hardships.

Always aware of the breathing in my chest, I become aware of the other parts of my body.

I feel the energy reaching the top of my head, and then flowing down towards my feet.

As I breathe in, I open up, like a flower opening its corolla and gathering all the sunlight.

As I breathe out, I diffuse all the light received throughout my body.

My expirations are deeper and deeper.

I feel my feet anchoring in the ground.

As I breathe in, I draw all the energy I can from the ground to bring it up.

As I circulate the energy within me, I realize that I am in the middle of powerful sources of love.

Maybe, I may have no control over what is happening around me, but without much effort, I have access to all the vital energy I need just by connecting to the energy of the earth and that of the sun.

I simply need to focus on my breathing to activate this divine flow through me.

I am alive, and good weather, bad weather, I radiate what is most beautiful in me.

I hope this has inspired you.

Have a great week!

Light and Love


"J’ose être Dieu!" (I allow myself to be God)

Although the book J’ose être Dieu has only been published in French, I thought you might be interested to know its production story. This philosophical tale, J’ose être Dieu, is the first book created by my mother, Josette Juillerat. I feel privileged to have witnessed every step of its making, which was quite a journey!

First, to write the 180 pages of this large-scale book, divided in seven chapters representing the seven main chakras, my mother had to live the learning present in the text. She used to write her morning pages, and for several years, the content of these pages, which was inspired by her own self-growth journey, became J’ose être Dieu. In French, the book title combines the wordplay made with her first name and the daring of becoming God; not the God presented in many religions, rather the creator of one’s life, the source of one’s essence. The theme of becoming master of one’s life is a lot more popular today than it was when she wrote her book, between 2000 and 2004. Wanting to become God was a controversial title!

It took four years for my mother to experience every learning proposed by the Dakinis of the Mandalas, the two little characters guiding her through her visit of the Inner Rainbow Kingdom. As she received from her higher self the text by bits and pieces, she found a way to remain busy! She was probably a monk in one or a few of her past lives. She drew illuminations on every page! On top of the rainbow/chakras colours drawn with colour pencils, she used a variety of gold and silver pen to make it all exquisite. This book is a masterpiece.

However, because she didn’t want any modification from the original version, the publishers she approached were discouraged by the amount of graphic design work required to produce it. It was too risky for them, as Josette was still unknown. Aware of the greatness of her book, my mother didn’t give up. She decided to publish it by herself! If I remember well, it took 9 months of full time graphic design work to make each page ready for printing. My boyfriend at that time did a big chunk of this tedious work. I forgot how many hours and meetings were necessary to validate everything before the actual printing of the book. J’ose être Dieu was made in Quebec, which is rather rare for a book filled with colour illustrations, because of the cost of production. So much cheaper to made in China!

My mother invested huge amounts of time and money to give life to her book, so as many people as possible would gain from her own journey. Until now, only 3000 copies were printed. I’m sure this book will cross centuries because of its beauty, the simplicity of its message and the practical guide that it is.

In her lifetime, Josette gave many self-growth workshops in which J’ose être Dieu was the main learning tool. Now, it is up to you to draw as much resources than you can from the text, to become the master of your own life.

From now on, my online gallery is the distribution center of Josette Juillerat’s works. People who have self-published know how hard it is to have their book available in a bookstore. You’ll find J’ose être Dieu here, at a friend price, considering what my mother has invested to produce it. All the earnings coming from the sell of Josette’s works will be used to give a public presence to her last life project: the game Cosmopoly.

Link to see the books available in the shop

Link towards all items in the shop.

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