We are made of energy!

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This week text is a bit short and is mainly a visualisation. To follow up on last week text where I wrote about the importance of imagination to bring novelty, I’m inviting you now to test a hypothesis over a long period of time. This hypothesis, without necessarily be completely understood, has been applied by several people who gained health improvements from it. Why not try it for yourself?

At the physical level, our bodies are made of atoms/energy. An atom cannot be sick or affected, then why our body can? Today’s exercise is simply to connect with our physical structure. Visualise or imagine all these atoms that compose you. They are always in perfect condition. Your knee hurts? Is it really possible? I’m sure you’ll say yes, but what do you have to lose by trying this exercise?

Power is in repetition. If every morning, as you are waking up, you acknowledge that your body is composed of healthy atoms, on the long term, it is quite possible that you eventually believe it and start feeling better.

After this body visualisation, let’s focus on the mind as well: here is a picture to stimulate your meditation practice!

Enjoy this experiment and have a good week!

Light and love


A new tool to help you in your spiritual journey

As winter is almost here, and that each season encourages us to work on ourselves in resonance with its energy, I designed for you this little book. 12 Meditations – First cycle: Winter proposes simple sentences on which to meditate and powerful pictures to help you connect with the greater part of yourself.

Here is the link to get your copy: 12 Meditations - First cycle: Winter

Here is the link to my online shop where you can find original paintings also perfect to develop the abstract part of the mind:

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