What 2019 has in store for us!

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Hello, welcome year 2019! I hope you took advantage of the challenges that crossed your path in 2018, so you don’t have to face them again in 2019!

Personally, I’m looking forward to start this new year, not that I want to escape the previous one, rather to continue building on what started to emerge. This post will introduce my 2019 program, as it comes with nice surprises for you!

First of all, I want to make this blog more dynamic. So, instead of writing and sharing a text filled with questions to slowly lead you towards a meditation, I will change a little bit the layout. The meditation will be the starting point, or at least, I will start every post with a meditation picture. The idea will be to note anything that comes to mind when you look at the picture. Be creative and invent stories that you are welcome to share on my blog and/or on my Facebook page for all my followers to enjoy. After the meditation picture, I will share my own text, which should be something between poem and visualization. To be completely honest, I’m not quite sure how it will be, but after reading again texts written in the past, I’m sure I can pull out the necessary words to trigger your imagination. This year, we will implement tools to take back and master our creative power. There are no specific rules, however, we will follow a specific direction by:

-facing our fears to fulfill our dreams

-experimenting the power of thoughts

-experimenting in the unknown and the new

-creating the necessary opportunities

And all this will be possible with the development of our intuition and imagination.

The second part of my blog will continue to display my work and what is new in my art practice: the new paintings, books or new items that can help you in your spiritual journey and the development of your creative power.

Also, if you have been nosy a few weeks ago, you already know about the experience I will carry on throughout 2019. Here is a link to the page that I have created for this project: Project 2019. I am looking for volunteers for this artistic/scientific experiment, which is meant to test the power of thoughts on matter, similarly to Dr. Masaru Emoto experiment on water. In 2018, I painted a few times with someone else nearby or with someone specific in mind and I noticed differences in the result of my painting sessions. When I paint, my body becomes a channel, like the body of a healer would. Therefore, I want to test the influence of others on my work. To achieve that, I need people, one person at the time, to come and seat in my studio while I paint. My painting sessions are quite short, usually between 1h to 1h30. I would like that the person seated next to me thinks about what defines her. She would write on a piece of paper what she is focusing on. As I record with notes and photographs every step of my process, later, I will repeat the same painting (as much as I can), alone, and focusing on my own essence. Then, I will analyse the differences between the two works. For more accuracy in my research, I will need the volunteers to answer a few questions right after the painting session, and a few questions during a second meeting, a few days later, when the painting is dry.

In return and as a thank you, here is what you will get from it:

-You will have a privileged access into my art practice and my studio.

-Whether you believe or not in the power of energy on matter, this experiment will give you a space of exploration.

-You will contribute to a research that might reveal the impact of the intangible on the tangible.

-In one way or another, this experience will help you to connect with your essence.

-In my studio, I have a selection of printed items made from my photographs (pen, notebook, books, cards, magnets, etc), original works on paper and limited edition prints. You will choose whatever you prefer for an amount of $50.

If you prefer, the $50 gift in selected items could be converted in a $50 credit on the purchase of a painting.

-Also, at the second meeting, you will have the opportunity to buy, if you wish to, the painting you had helped to create for 50% of its regular price. The size of the painting will be up to you.

-The outcomes of the painting sessions might be used for a further exhibition and the writing of a book.

My year goal is to do this experiment with a hundred people. If you are interested, please contact me by email and let me know when you would be available. Please share this post to anyone you think might be interested in participating. Many thanks in advance!

Finally, even if you are not interested to volunteer in my experiment, it will be possible to visit my studio gallery on appointment. Again, you can contact me by email or by phone 514-349-2567. I am aware that my online store cannot replace a real visit to see my works in the flesh. I’m looking forward to seeing you in my little paradise!

Let 2019 be as great as our creative power! Join me in this slightly magical journey! Below, a first picture to stimulate your imagination or for your meditation.

Have a wonderful week!

Light and Love


Book “Les saisons de l’Âme” in rhythm with mandalas

Please note that this book is only in French, but easy to use with a basic knowledge in French, as it is mainly a practical guide, with mandalas to colour and space for your own notes.

Following the passing of my mother, Josette Juillerat, writer, creative workshop animator, life coach and Light spreader, my online shop is taking over the distribution of her work. She left us the legacy of two books and a mandala card game. As we are starting the year, I’m introducing her practical guide « Les saisons de l’Âme » first.

Every month, the reader is invited to discover his own power with mandalas to color, meditations, pages of notes, food for thoughts, keywords and suggestions. Amazing and inspiring photographs make the link with what nature offers every season. A book for all, to help you stay balanced throughout the year.

Link to more books in the online shop

Link to all items in the online shop

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