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One illustration I really like, which is introduced by psychosophy, is the diagram of the human evolution, as it offers an interesting way to look at society, while the individualist aspects of our western society might discourage us.

I grew up with a Catholic speech in the background, even though I distanced myself from it, I heard many times that it was not good to do things for oneself and that we should think about the others first. I knew people who were not able to say no, when they didn’t want to say yes. But to do what was “good”, they were ignoring their own needs. In many cultures, the idea of distancing oneself from traditions and family to pursue a personal path is still not well received. Although, it seems that more and more people want to create their lives as they wish.

Obviously, on a large scale, if everyone does his/her own thing without thinking about the bigger picture, we’ll all pay for the consequences. We know that the planet cannot sustain for much longer the way we live now, especially in the Western part of the world. And what is even more concerning is that the Eastern part, which is more populous, is starting to emulate us.

As per the human evolution diagram, when the soul starts to incarnate itself in the matter (this can represents a few hundred incarnations), it is first experiencing mass consciousness. At this level, a human being is not seen as an individual. It is a part of a group and its reality is directly linked to what the group is experiencing. It is not independent and doesn’t aspire to any personal good or pleasure. The example I gave in the beginning of this post, about the Catholic religion, is an example of mass consciousness. We follow a determined line of thoughts and whatever is outside of this line of thoughts is not encouraged, and eventually bad.

The more the soul incarnates itself in matter, the more it increases its consciousness of it; the initial idea being to unify matter and consciousness. When it reaches the lowest part of the curve, it has developed an individual consciousness; the ego is at its strongest. What was previously thought for a group is now though for one.

I heard many times that life was better before, when the individual took less space and that we were more in harmony with nature. If all only think about one’s personal journey, what will happen to the world?

When I sense a desire to come back to what it was, to follow old traditions again, to reintegrate the nest that was left, I suggest looking forward. The lowest part of the curve is only half of the journey. Yes, we need to find back harmony with the other living beings, but consciousness must continue forward. The development of the ego and the sense of individuality is a necessary evil to reach the overall consciousness.

The difference between mass consciousness and overall consciousness is the level of autonomy. In mass consciousness, roles are already determined and things are done without much innovation; rules are followed without questioning. In overall consciousness, participation is a choice, not an obligation. Each person participates by sharing the skills one has developed by following one’s intuition and heart. The gift is not given because it is the right thing to do; it is genuinely given, without expectation.

I trust there is more and more awareness about this evolution diagram, about the fact that we came from the highest point and that our journey is to go back there after experiencing the lowest point of density.

I invite you to take a few minutes to situate yourself on this evolution curve. There are no good or bad answers. You are where you are at this moment, and to be aware of it will help you to prepare yourself for the next step. Let’s take a moment to meditate on that, using if you wish the picture below.

I like to picture mass consciousness as a preliminary step before rooting ourselves as we become denser. Individual consciousness is the stage where we plant our roots to anchor in matter. We become maker of our personal reality (which affects our global reality). The transition towards an overall consciousness can occur once we are firmly rooted and are ready to receive/perceive the power of Love. We become co-makers of a global reality.

A shift has started. More and more people are passing from a mass consciousness to an individual consciousness. Ideally, it would be preferable that all humankind is not at the bottom of the scale at the same time. Therefore, people who have built their ego are encouraged to move towards an overall consciousness, to radiate more love. This is where the journey starts to really make sense! And so many surprises are awaiting us in this elevating path! In this matter, I encourage you to read my next blog post, which will be about Love and what it is exactly.

See you soon!

Light and Peace


Featured painting: Meditation Tool 200-250517B – To unify the highest with the lowest

In the Meditation Tool Series, 200-250517B is a painting that represents this descent of the subtlest qualities towards what is the lowest, the heaviest in density, to then orchestrate a movement back to the top. Despite of its rather small scale (200mm x 200mm) this painting showcases a multitude of stories. Be creative and find the meanings of what you see. Free your imagination! In this union of the highest and the lowest, this work acts as a source of inspiration where every detail that makes it could be a starting point towards something new.

As most of the Meditation Tool Series works, this one can be hung in all four directions. You could even choose a diamond shape rather than a square by using only one nail and hang the painting from one of its corner.

Of course, you can simply enjoy the work as it is. You are free to use its meditative potential or not.

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