Why do I make art?

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I have surely already written on that topic in other blogs and in different circumstances, but because I just followed a free online course about artist’s business plan (given by Catherine Orer) where the question was asked, I take this as an opportunity to revisit my answer to this question: why do I make art? “Why” is always a valid question in whatever you do in life.

First of all, why do I paint? Like writing, it is an activity that transports me in another dimension, out of time. I have the impression to make conversation with my higher self. An exchange happens and what I make is a print of what I bring back with me in the physical dimension. This answer might seem weird, but art is for me a way to live/experience my spirituality. I don’t belong to a church and I don’t attend mass or spiritual gathering, as this is an inner process that requires calm and solitude. What I can share about it is the art that I make, which remains free of interpretation.

Why do I take the time to write a blog on a regular basis and to create paintings that will be tools for others? Of course, the activity of making is my first reward, but I could keep it all for myself. Many artists don’t share their work. Yes, art can be a way to earn money and recognition, but let’s be honest here; it is rather a vocation than a hen with golden eggs or a way to live under the spotlights.

I truly believe that my work spreads good vibes, vibrations that might bring us towards global solutions. I am responsive to what is happening on our planet, environmental and human issues, problems that we cause because we don’t understand our real impact on what surrounds us. There are bits and pieces of answers here and there, as long as we have the ability to apply them. My work of meditation helped me to understand that our outer world is a projection of our inner world, multiplied by the number of participants in this terrestrial experience. I doubt that a single person or a small group of people could find global solutions. The reality from a country to another is too different. And despite of these differences, the solution of one country is not better than the solution of the next country, but none are really relevant to all of us.

In my process, I am inspired by an idea shared by Patrice Brasseur in his lectures based on psychosophy. Our soul is not individual; we all share the same. If we manage to lift our awareness to the level of the soul, then we would have access to ways of living that respect all, because we would have formulated them all together. I am aware that what I am writing here sounds abstract and that it might not be your vision of what is the soul and existence. But maybe, you might be enough open-minded to question the potentials of your mind. Like a muscle, the more we practice it, the better it becomes. When you know many languages, it is easier to learn a new one, because your brain makes links without you even being aware of it; doors open in your mind, giving you access to information you haven’t really learnt. By elevating your mind, you develop your intuition. You might believe that to develop the mind you need to learn by heart many things, read many books and do lots of logic exercises. It might sound fun, but it will not bring you to the next level, which is that of the abstract mind. Like its name, the abstract mind is abstract! But it is not impenetrable. To reach it, we need to let go of our usual landmarks and to orientate our focus differently.

Going back to the initial topic of my art, the work that I make, whether it is original paintings or pictures taken during my painting process, has the function of developing the abstract mind. This is not because I make abstract art, but because my work emanates vibrations that have the potential to elevate you. Please note that many abstract works, despite of their importance in the art history, don’t diffuse that type of energy. I know for myself that the abstract works I did a few years back, when I was in my personal emotions, have nothing to do with what I make today, which help me to remain balanced and joyful. Even if you only receive half of the benefits that I get from my work, it is already a lot. We are what we consume. With my work, I invite you to explore your inner self, to become aware of your essence, the most fantastic part of who you are.

Like any other tools used in self-knowledge, my work requires your participation. If you give it time and space, it will bring you out of time and space. It is up to you to create a connection and to repeat this exercise as often as possible.

In conclusion, I encourage you to explore the picture below, which results from my painting process. What can you find in it that belongs to you? What does it inspire you?

Have a wonderful week

Light and Love


Merry Christmas!

Here is what I gave to my mother last Christmas. This year, I want to give it to all of you, so you become aware of your worth!

I take this opportunity to thanks every one of you for the time you take, on a regular basis, to read my posts and encourage me in my work. I feel privileged to be able to share what I make with you, and I’m already looking forward to future sharing. I wish you all a very merry Christmas time filled with love, peace and joy! See you soon!

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