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Experiment: "Meet your essence"

Here is a unique experience where the colors and movement of paint will highlight the beauty of your essence.



Since January 2019, I received in my studio several volunteers a month, which confirmed to me that there is a resonance between the painting that I create intuitively and their luggage of life. Each experience is unique and depends on what you bring with you and what you are ready to receive.


The experiment is held in two meetings:


1) As you focus/meditate on your essence, I create in your presence an intuitive painting. Then I ask you a few questions about the session. Duration approx. 1h-1h30


2) I reveal the finished painting and ask you some additional questions related to the work. Duration approx.. 15 min


To thank you for your participation, in my studio, I have a selection of printed items made from my photographs (pen, notebook, books, cards, magnets, etc), original works on paper and limited edition prints. You will choose whatever you prefer for an amount of $50.

Your participation does not commit you to the purchase of the painting, but if it speaks to you, here a the price per size (at a friend price including the $50 mentioned in the above paragraph):

8" X 8" - $50

10" x 10" - $75

12" X 12" - $100

16" X 16" - $150

Why participate?


- It’s an experience that gives you first place. You offer yourself a time of relaxation and meditation, while you connect to what is unique and beautiful in you.


- It’s an opportunity to witness the realization of your painting live as many magical moments happen!


-I will send you a pdf of the best photos taken during the painting process.


If you are keen to take part in my experiment, please contact me by email: bertholdflorence@gmail.com. Please write the title of this add in the email object. Or by texto 514-349-2567.This experiment is free and will be held throughout the year 2019..


I'm looking forward to meet you and paint your essence!


Examples of paintings made during this experiment